MLB The Show 16

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MLB The Show 16

Once you know your different pitches, make sure to start mixing up your pitches. Instead, try to rotate at least between three different pitches, with some pitchers have up to five total pitches to use. When mixing up the pitches, be smart about how you use them, such as maybe throwing two different types of fastballs and then throwing a changeup in there to really surprise the batter.

Using followup pitches like this can help to throw the batter off, leading to them swinging too early or too late. This next tip may seem very obvious, but almost always try to get a first pitch strike if you can.

After getting ahead in the count, you can play around with the strike zone a bit and try some outside pitches that may get them swinging for strike number three. If you have a batter in an count, you almost never want to throw something right in the strike zone, but try to either paint the corner or get them to swing at one just outside of it instead. Sliders and curveballs are especially effective in this situation.

If you do let a runner on base, you will then need to keep an eye on them to prevent them from stealing an easy base on you. The game displays for you very visibly the speed and stealing stats for the players on base, so this can help you know which ones could potentially be trouble that you may need to watch.

Always remember that you have the ability to do a pitch out if you are almost certain that someone is about to steal, as long as you are ahead in the pitch count and can afford to give up a ball. It is also important to keep an eye on the energy level of your pitcher, as you want to start warming up guys in the bullpen usually at least a half inning ahead of time if possible.

Read and react to pitches. The pitcher may start aiming at the sides of the strike zone. If you see a pattern with this, start guessing the sides as well. Wiggle the stick — One suggestion is wiggling the left stick around before the pitch. Move the stick in a clockwise motion or just randomly move the cursor around the screen. This can act as sort of a trigger to help with timing and location.

Be patient — Remember, the pitcher needs three strikes to get you out. In legend mode, you need to be discipline, otherwise the CPU will take advantage of you.

If you find that you are facing a pitcher that hardly gives up walks, be a little more aggressive and look for strikes.

Know your hot zone — Take note of your hot zones and the pitchers best pitches. Look for pitches in your cold zone and avoid chasing pitches near your hot zone because the pitcher might be nibbling hoping that you chase out of the strike zone.

Make the pitcher throw strikes to you. Read strategy guide — Be sure to read the in-game strategy guide. This guide states that the CPU will usually throws a mistake pitch at least once every at bat. There are about 3 to 4 pitches during an average at bat so you might get lucky if you are looking in the right place looking for the right pitch. Thank you for your suggestions and information about baseball sims and MLB 09 the show.

However, the game limits you to two users which allows you to manage only two teams in a season mode. Upon completion of the video game, take the box score and additional stats from the game and enter them in the baseball simulator to use as if I played it on the computer. Do you know of any simulators that have an edit mode where you can manually or cut and paste enter the stats of a single game? I agree with the stick up in the zone the msot, i do that already, not because i read about it but because it made me feel more confident at the plate.

But along with doin that I also most of the time guess the pitch location down in the zone and always guess a fastball even in an , , and count, so if its not a fastball I know to wait back for any offspeed pitch, and if i guess the location wrong i will always move the stick up prior to the pitch because that elimates most of the lower portion of the strike zone that the pitcher is aiming for, and if the pitcher is aiming down and away or down and in, it will most of the time just foul off.

Except when i bat as Pujols, I always guess down-away and away because thats his sweet spot and thats where mostly all pitchers throw to him. Great tips guys thanks a lot.. I like the idea of keeping the stick up in the zone and guessing fastball bottom of the zone..

Excellent web site and 09 Show tips therein, and great comments, too. My wife and I are glued to the game. I applyed the first tip and knocked 2 grand slams against the phillies in season mode. Dont u just love hitting against a pitcher whos primary pitch is the knuckle. The ball is like 60 mph and will usually dip rite into the zone.

Any suggestions as I am about to jump. Thanks for your help. All of a sudden, during a 7 series advancement set of goals, I went completely cold. Everything I hit was a weak grounder or pop up. For those games, I hit. I was stumped since I had recently gotten all of my hitting stats up to 99s.

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