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It's Got to be the Crews Make 15 or more 3-pointers with any team in a non-simulated game. Untuk para gamer yang menggunakan PC sebagai media utama bermain game dan menggemari game olahraga, NBA 2K15 tampaknya merupakan game yang sudah ditunggu sejak awal tahun ini. NBA 2K14 locker codes that unlock three of the Sprite dunk packages in the game, which you can equip to your player in MyCareer mode. Make a shot from beyond the half-court line in any game. Spurs 4 8 3. Minggu, 09 November 2014

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And, we're fully secure and mobile friendly. TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. When sports games come out every year, it's inevitable that the servers are closed for some of the earlier titles.

Publisher 2K Games confirmed this news via Twitter , stating that the servers for the title would be closed on March 31st, Once the servers are closed, players will no longer be able to play ranked matches, nor will they be able to play in an online association. We're assuming that MyTEAM will also cease to function, but 2K hasn't confirmed this — we're including the related achievements in the list to be on the safe side.

I found the story somewhat interesting, though it feels like a lot of the sequences after several NBA games is forced. Wilson who ends up seeming like a schizophrenic and envious mess of his NBA all-star pal. The storyline is engaging when it comes to actual NBA politics too, but what I felt it lacked on the most was simple: If there was a RPG type element, the game would have fared much better in terms of its single-player campaign which felt like an annoying add-on that is forced upon the player than something which adds to the substance of the title.

Thankfully, that is really where the bulk of negative points of NBA 2K16 are. Ball handling in matches has gotten incredible, and the amount of animations really end up being transparent to watching an actual live match on TV. Shooting has gotten strangely harder in terms of competing with the CPU even as a level 82 MyPlayer, but it keeps things challenging despite not being the most ideal way to do things like something comparable to racing game rubberbanding.

Matches give you not only experience but also VC currency to use on accessories, shoes, etc. Press conferences are luckily still in the game and end up being slightly repetitive into the 2 nd year of the Rookie season with the same dialogue repeatedly at points.

One particular element of gripe a lot of players will have is the monetization of the NBA 2K16 title and the series in general. It just naturally takes longer is the only issue about it.

Many people will find this annoying, but the one thing I have problem with this design is sheer accessibility. After your rookie year finishes MyCareer reboots, effectively, and allows you to become a free agent and choose where you want to play. You can go to a contender and ride the bench, or pick a lottery team that is offering a bigger role. A new addition to MyCareer are off-day activities, which give players different ways to improve their pro in between games. You can devote your off-days to making endorsement appearances and earn extra virtual currency, take part in practice drills for attribute boosts, or hang out with other NBA players to earn different unlockables.

For players who want to take control of a franchise, or even an entire league, MyGM and MyLeague are back with more customization options. You can now relocate franchises in MyGM if the other NBA owners approve, and the game allows you to create a new arena, logo and jerseys for your team. Online infrastructure has always been the bane of the 2K series, and it remains to be seen if the server troubles that plagued 2K15 have truly been fixed this year. Many of the games modes, like MyCareer, MyTeam and 2K Pro-Am, require an online connection to be fully functional or accessible at all.

The player-versus-player games I played online were lag-free, but I did lose my created player once after the server went down during the review period. Loading into a game in 2K16 is just like watching NBA on TNT , and the banter between the three broadcasters is completely natural and hilarious. You can tell they had fun recording their lines, and it turns loading times into an enjoyable experience.

There are a series of short tutorial videos narrated by Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis hidden away in the menu system, but the instruction is incredibly basic and leaves the player to see how complex systems like the pro stick and post play work through trial and error.

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