Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Andre Berto Betting Odds and Prediction

Few expect the Florida-based, Bay Area-trained year-old to threaten Mayweather's unbeaten record. The node you're attempting to unmount was rendered by another copy of React. If necessary, trigger nested updates in componentDidUpdate. Gareth Bale reveals the secret of the Mayweather vs. Berto Main Event Updates:

Floyd Mayweather vs. Andre Berto Fight Odds Open With ‘Pretty Boy’ Huge Favorite


Can't wait for he and Manny to be gone to usher in the new era. What new era are we talking about? I don't see any fighter on May or Pac's level on the horizon. Only fighter that comes close is Andre Ward and he's not getting any younger nor can he find good opposition. And Rigondeaux is good, he's not may or pac good and he's also out of his prime.

Golovkin has looked like the real deal and has lots of really good fighters around him to match up with.. Deantey Wilder and Anthony Joshua are young and getting more recognition as exciting heavyweights. Thats who we are talking about. All amazing fighters no doubt. Their ceiling is still much lower than what we got over the last 20 years imo, time will tell though. I might be wrong. I think you're right in that there doesn't seem to be any fighter out there close to May or Pac's level but with May and Pac leaving then the other fighters start to just look better relative to their competition.

I enjoyed it, he deserved an easy going out. Thought it was fun. I'm with you though, ready for the young guys to take over. I told y'all before the PAC fight that Bayless was the most biased referee they could've chosen. Gets mad at berto for talking but ignores Floyd's forearm trick for his whole career? Has he ever even warned Floyd on clinching? I can't think of once. Floyd's still got it though He could go on winning but why bother, he's old enough and probably wants to relax now.

Do people really forget how insanely fast and explosive Pac was in his prime? I'm not saying he wouldn't have trouble hitting him, but it wouldn't have been like their actual fight I guarantee that. I don't know if I've ever seen a faster puncher with combos of fury than pacman. I remember all of that. But I still give that fight to Mayweather if it happened 8 years ago. You must have forgot how good dude was when he actually tried to finish dudes.

I think mayweather would've been pushed to the brink but I still think he wins. People forget, he was faster then to. What and Floyd has been getting faster as he ages? Floyd would've beat him at any time, and Floyd at would've taken him apart. I think Pac Man in his prime for sure fought faster than Floyd ever did.

He had a lot of jerky, erratic movements that confused everyone he fought; it's toned down in recent years but his tempo alone would've given Floyd issues.

A lot of Floyd's game is picking apart rhythm It's a shame it didn't happen. Do style matchups mean anything to you? Because if they do I see no way you can think Floy would have lost. It was more about the party those fights brought together than the actual fight. I bought those, and had a party for the Baldomir, Cotto and Mosley fights.

The only one people actually watched till the end and didnt get completely bored was Cotto. Floyd wins impressively but its not very exciting to watch. Pac landed 81 punches Berto landed 83 punches on Mayweather. One of those guys is the fighter of the decade.

For what it's worth. The era is almost over, the best fighter of the generation is now gone, though guys like Klitschko, Ward and Pacquiao remain they are also slowly fading away as the new guard takes way.

Also fucking makes you realize nobody like Berto will ever beat Mayweather. Seriously he's simply too textbook. Mayweather is just too smart for guys like him. Every time Mayweather fights and his opponent attacks he predicts with a simple question: Now someone unorthodox say Castillo or Maidana comes along he's gonna go "What's the best choice?

Berto did better than i thought he would. He tried to make adjustments, but just wasn't skillful enough to capitalize on it. Maybe, I don't watch boxing enough. But in my honest opinion, this fight was more entertaining than May vs Pac.

Berto actually tried, although he failed. And we got to see some good offense by Mayweather. I was impressed by the way he landed his punches. Mayweather has done a great number on his reputation, however I can't help but to believe this is what clouds people's judgements of his fights. I bet you we will hear people talk positively of a fight that May loses even if he were to have shit performance.

But we may never know. I just wish Rigondeaux was bigger He would have done well against Floyd. Floyd never competed at Rigondeaux's weight class. Rigondeaux is a career lb fighter. Floyd made his debut at lbs and moved up. Completely forgot about this fight, but all I heard was Oscar De La Hoya went completely assmad on Twitter and that this fight was even worse than the Pacquiao fight.

Running, hugging, clinching, Bayless stepping in every 5 seconds to break them up, Mayweather pot shooting for points with lots of jabs, looking cool while dodging, Berto pushing the fight all 12 rounds trying to make it exciting, crowd booing, Mayweather fighting off the back foot doing just enough to win, same old same old..

Wow, what a shit show. Hearing that annoying banshee in the crowd and Bayless constantly telling stop killed this for me. Also the last 10 seconds. That undercard was great. Even snuck in some whiskey in my bottle of coke.

I feel bad for the poor fellas who showed up at 8 pm to watch only the Mayweather fight. With this mis match I was really hoping Floyd would try to go all Gatti fight on Berto, but this fight was worse than most. I can appreciate the defensive mastery of Floyd but, I would rather watch unknowns in MMA than this boring shit. GSP did get KOed out of nowhere one time, and had to win the title back. And he's had some controversial decisions in his favor. While you have to respect Floyds technique, you have to admit that it is some of the most uneventful shit you can watch.

It's GSP's protege finally getting a shot at the title. Easily one of the most insane fights I've ever seen. James Toney is like a bigger fat Mayweather, from Michigan too, but very similar style vs. Jirov who was known for his volume punching style, he throws punches a round easily. Did anyone really believe that Andre Berto would beat Mayweather?

Not saying the dude is a bad boxer, but Mayweather is way above his level. I heard the Vegas odds for Berto were to 1. I didn't watch the fight, so I don't know if they mentioned that or said something else. But of course, nobody thought Berto would beat Mayweather other than maybe Berto's team. That's why Mayweather chose to fight him. Man, Floyd is one of the least likable figures in all of sports. But damn, if I don't respect the fucking man for his skill in the ring.

I also respect the fact that he's going out on top, I hate to see that "and one" at the end of a record. You already know what he's going to do, how he's going to do it, and what his fight style is. On Tuesday we learned that Floyd Mayweather will indeed be fighting on September 12, and a short time later we learned that his opponent would be Andre Berto. So now that the fight is set, what do the opening betting odds look like? That might open your eyes and let you think that the year-old has a shot here.

However, success has not come his way as of late, as all three of those losses have come in his last six fights. Two of those losses were a decision, while one was a TKO. Berto is someone who displays a lot of power, but not much discipline all the time. All things considered here, if history has taught us anything, Floyd will just wear him down like he does a lot of the power punchers and come away with the decision victory when all is in the books that night in Las Vegas.

This has no chance to turn into a Mike Tyson-Buster Douglas scenario. Vegas hit the nail right on the head with this here. Elena Delle Donne shows off elite range by Ian Levy. FanSided 2 years Pacquiao vs Bradley 3 result:

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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto - Total Rounds. Odds as of September 12 at Bovada. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Andre Berto - Method of Victory. Odds as of September 12 at Bovada. Draw or Technical Draw +; Floyd Mayweather Jr to win by Decision or Technical Decision ; Floyd Mayweather Jr to win by KO, TKO or Disqualification +;. 19 rows · Floyd Mayweather Jr. (, 26 KOs) is the biggest boxer of this generation. LAS VEGAS — The chances of Andre Berto's unlikely win over Floyd Mayweather Jr. are hinged to the motivation he has taken from a career-threatening shoulder injury, to the counsel of his trainer.

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