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Pace is used to determine the running style of each horse and whether they are a front runner, stalker, presser, or closer. Simply stated, none had ethics or professionalism In-depth racehorse management system Analyzes a wide range of data Can help you make more educated horse racing bets Free to download, Requires an in-app purchase Wide range of data factors that can be added. The 2-year-old filly by Orb won her second straight start after breaking her maiden by 17 lengths on August 12 at Saratoga. Predicting the fractions along the way allows you to determine the stamina of the pacesetters. OTB Schedule -

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Chip handicapper Earl Paulson takes a different view; it is not a question of the most important or overrated handicapping angles as they change depending on the individual race. The key is to know how to rank the importance of each handicapping angle within the context of the particular race. As for the driver and trainer, the top handlers at each racetrack are fairly equal in talent so Paulson suggests discounting that angle unless there is a change to someone who figures to be better suited to the horse than the previous handler.

Posts 1 and 5 have the highest win percentages but in this modern day game, everyone knows it and that leads to those posts being overbet. ROI percentages for post positions would be more useful but those numbers are hard to come by. As for the most important factor, Schell indicates the most important factor is predicting the call at the half-mile pole for all the contenders in the race. I prefer to bet those horses moving into the class up or down as opposed to those who have remained there for a couple of starts.

Those moving up are in great shape and have every right to improve while those on the class drop have won at this level in the past. Look at two horses with wins in 1: Pure speed handicapping has them even in talent but one could have been racing against less talented horses and had his own way while the second horse was hung most of the mile. The two horses are not equal in ability although they have the same time. The kick-off of the handicapping challenge is next Saturday April 28 at Yonkers Raceway.

View the complete contest dates here: He was the first player to finish in the top 10 twice. A former executive with Brisnet. He is founder of AGameofSkill. I came at the handicapping challenge from 2 directions. No one even mentioned the best handicapping tip of all.

That is watch the horses scoring just before race time. U can learn a lot if u know what to look for. Thank you for staying updated with the AGameofSkill.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Handicapping Tip of the Day … [Read More More Posts from this Category. Return to top of page. Learn more about horse racing. Coverage is thorough, including multiple sources on issues, for balanced analysis. Streamline your own horse racing news experience with a collapsed mode feature for easy skimming, reading, or sharing.

Includes live and updated race day results, and curated videos from relevant YouTube channels. TVG offers you the ability to shrink the global racing world and hold it in the palm of your hand. Watch live streaming and tap your way to wagers at over horse racing tracks worldwide. A truly intuitive setup, never miss a race with race alerts, and enjoy seamless account management. Combine the two great American passions of horse racing and greyhound racing with BetAmerica.

A regulated and licensed app, based in the US, forget any concerns about security. BetAmerica app comes with all the bells and whistles for which the the website is famous. Watch high-quality live video streaming of every race or relive epic moments in the history of your favorites.

Place bets smoothly after depositing straight to the app with PayNearMe. The app offers free handicapping and up-to-the-minute results. A specialty product for the horse racing wagerer, Keep Track is a quick and easy way to do the complicated math associated with Superfecta bets and exotic wagers. Supporting a huge range of races and tracks, the app allows users to save hypothetical picks and wager totals. Allows a 20 horse field. Have some fun by toggling the fantasy option on or off, and see your actual and fantasy winnings side-by-side.

Add new tracks or bets with a simple tap. The app is free and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Horseplayers know that it all comes down to the horse. The Horse Analyzer is a state-of-the-art handicapper and a secret weapon for determining the likeliest winner in a given field.

The app generates a rating for horses after crunching a proprietary algorithm which considers track conditions, speed at sprints, class, and numerous other variables. Rate every horse in the field and the one that comes out on top is the one where the smart money wagers. Compare ratings to zero in on a clear potential winner, and consider adjusting your bet accordingly.

Interface is smooth, easy, and intuitive, unlike picking winners. Take the guess work out of making wagers with Exacta Max. Educated betting decisions are easy with this neat app.

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American Turf Club 12 Weeks Fit And Ready Horse SELECTIONS- TIP SHEET Established to give "horses-to-watch" fans more timely action. American Turf Club is a weekly, eight-page newsletter with info on ready-to-win horses from as many as 24 racetracks. Horse Racing Handicapping Handicapping has an unfair place of importance in modern horse racing. There was a time in the last century when it was the only way of . A remarkable resource for horseracing fans, featuring a huge amount of free information for players of all skill levels. A must-bookmark website!

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