2017 NBA tip-off week TV schedule

This is generally the way it is in baseball, with the game listed as starting a few minuets past the hour, so there is still time for pregame, not sure why they can't do it in the NBA. I just wish there was consistency. You really should visit. It does happen in the NHL from time to time. I was trying to generalize, but I think about half the weeks in a football season have 16 games , Main navigation

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Like every NHL game starts late. Puck drop is always like 10 minutes after "game start" It's weird when they actually do start on time.

For the most part it is. A 3pm kick off will start around 3pm, and at most a couple minutes after. I never understood it either as a European where soccer matches begin right on time, if you want pre game coverage start the show earlier, and its fucking up with me because of the timezones i have to stay till in the morning, save 15 mins of sleep for me: Despite all the shit and tension in the region, it's a beautiful place.

You really should visit. This is generally the way it is in baseball, with the game listed as starting a few minuets past the hour, so there is still time for pregame, not sure why they can't do it in the NBA.

The NFL is also good about kicking off at the scheduled time. Usually within a couple of minutes. I just wish there was consistency. A bunch of playoff games have started 10 minutes after the tip, but a few haven't, which has caused me to miss the first few minutes.

Yeah, this is my frustration. Being on the west coast, I guess I don't care that much, but I've gotten so used to them starting 15 minutes late that I'll usually turn the game on around 7: I hate when its magically 7 minutes into the game. Attended a Warriors game a couple years ago, got to our seats 20 minutes late due to traffic which is usually just after tipoff and the first quarter was already more than halfway over.

Here's two minutes of "coverage", followed by a quick five minute commercial break! But then companies pay to have their ads not seen by people who start watching at the tip-off time. NBA games almost always start 11 minutes after the scheduled tip off. It's almost never 15 or 20 minutes after. I'd be surprised to see that happening. I may be crazy or I may be showing my age here, but I remember this starting when had a promotion with the NBA to start all games at 7: I don't remember when this started, but it's been like that ever since.

Yeah I hate it too, but it is really a minor annoyance. I have gotten to the point where if a game says it starts at 7: Yea and a 20 second timeout is actually 3 minutes.

Sucks because NBA games already tend to drag on too long in this free throw happy era. Maybe implement a new rule where the FT shooter has 5 seconds to shoot? This is my pet peeve. Don't call it a "20 second timeout" call it a 1 minute time out. If a game has a 1: In NFL the kick is usually scheduled for 1: NFL games do the same thing.

I would be all for making the games start on time, but it's free money for the NBA to keep starting 15 minutes late. NFL doesn't really do this. Their games usually always start on time unless the game before had gone on long.

Now that I think about it regular season 1: I distinctly remember the national anthem being sung at "kickoff time" for the SB and I remember SNF specifically not starting on time. I would bet MNF did the same thing, but I don't remember them specifically. I know FOX in particular is bad about it. If a game is schedule to start at 7: What TV audiences often forget is that the game starts with player introductions.

There's 7 minutes right there. If it's a nationally televised game, of course there's a commercial break. The NBA postgame show which features the four, Inside the NBA , has gained popularity in recent years for the chemistry and banter they have.

TNT's playoff coverage is nicknamed 40 Games in 40 Nights. In previous years, TNT and TBS aired doubleheaders opposite each other on each night of the first round of the playoffs, with one network airing a doubleheader at 7: For the first round, TNT's coverage of the playoffs is not exclusive; regional sports networks can still carry a local call and presentation of their team's games.

With the advent of the new NBA television deal in which ended TBS's coverage , TNT has aired playoff games alone, including in only some weekday tripleheaders. The tripleheaders, which were criticized by both fans and many in the media, consisted of one game at 6: However, when Turner Sports acquired NBA TV in , the network abandoned airing the lone non-national Thursday game, instead leaving it up to the local sports networks. However, TBS may still air the start of the second game in case the ongoing first game on TNT extends beyond the tip-off time of the second game.

Albert himself a former Knicks broadcaster and Steve Kerr called the game. In July , it was announced that Shaquille O'Neal would join as an analyst and he signed a multi-year agreement. For the —13 season, Charles Barkley occasionally filled in as a game analyst for select games.

During his studio absences, Chris Webber served as an interim studio analyst. On April 11, , TNT experimented with a three-man booth, but without a play-by-play announcer, for the game between the Warriors and the Thunder. For the season, TNT updated their graphics package. Pelicans, the first-ever game to be broadcast live in virtual reality. For the season, TNT announced that it would air a new series of Monday-night doubleheaders during the later half of the season, beginning on January 16, Monday night games from February 27 to March 27 were branded as Players Only broadcasts, featuring only former NBA players and without a traditional play-by-play announcer.

Additionally, TNT announced that it would hold a "Road Show" tour in various cities throughout the season, which will feature fan experiences and festivities, and a live broadcast of Inside the NBA on-location. However, any TNT coverage of Raptors postseason games is not aired in favour of team-produced coverage, as has been the case with all Raptors games in Canada since the early s decade. Reggie Miller and Chris Webber are the main color commentators. Prior to his death on December 15, , Craig Sager served a variety of roles on TNT, most prominently as a sideline reporter.

Sager was usually paired with Cheryl Miller on most doubleheaders from to Kerr served that role from —06, and again from —14; in between he served as general manager of the Phoenix Suns. Doug Collins used to be the secondary analyst on TNT; he was also the lead analyst in his first stint with the network from to , pairing with the likes of Bob Neal , Ron Thulin and Pete Van Wieren. In his second stint from to , he was usually paired with Harlan during the regular season, but was also paired with Albert during the NBA All-Star Game and the Conference Finals.

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