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Fitness is a personal question. Make sure your jersey is in good repair, clean, and has high contrast with the teams playing. The essential equipment includes: After the toss, ask both captains to send out their team's touch judge to meet with you. There is only a single referee on the field, that referee cannot change a decision once made, and no-one else can help you although they can complain. Find us online

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USA Player Movement Form – This form is a template for use to track substitutions and cards during a rugby match. USA Running Score Form – This form is a template for use to track scores during any rugby match. Referee Educational Resources. Disciplinary Procedures – Effective for all disciplinary matters initiated on or after May 30 Employees: Sep 11,  · HI all, I'm a wru ref, looking for a good score card, at present make my own, but getting fed up, I like to keep a running total, plus have subs,cards and anyone help. thanks nerrad5. Rugby Union Tournaments - Various articles relating to Rugby Tournaments (with regard to refereeing). Rugby Union Leagues - Various articles relating to Rugby Union Leagues around the World. Rugby Union Referee Links - Links to all known Rugby Union Referee Websites and .

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