Free Practical Basketball Drills for 5 to 6 Year Old Kids

Save your draft before refreshing this page. He went from not winning a game in 6th grade to winning the conference championship in 8th grade So, we score to go down 2 points with 13 seconds left. Try to keep players moving during drills and moving from one drill to another, allowing time for them to get a drink between drills. Notifications

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I coached HS varsity girls hoop for 14yrs, and feel we can teach better techniques with the smaller ball at this level. Thanks for the article. It was helpful and we had a successful year, with coed 3rd and 4th graders. When the year started, I wondered why I did this to myself. But as the year went on, the kids learned, became respectful, more disciplined, and most important - became friends and a team.

Just one story to share. We had 3 games or scrimmages, vs other area teams of the same ages, on a 8 foot hoop. The first game finished with us the 8. Game 3, was a "parents night". It was a full gym that night, with standing room only. A huge surprise, being a small school. Both schools announced parents at halftime, as well as having younger grades do a dance from each school.

The end of the game winded down with our team trailing by 4 points with about 20 seconds left. Our offense was typically a Both the guards and the forwards took places on the lanes. When the ball came across half court, the 2 would go across the lane and set a pick for the 3, and vice versa for the 4 and 5.

It helped free up the kids and get good shots, and keep them moving. So, we score to go down 2 points with 13 seconds left. The other team's coach much to my dismay , calls a timeout and has his team dribble in the back court for 9 seconds to waste time, and then dribble over half court. Note, we cannot press, so there is nothing to do but see seconds drop off. Well, as their guard goes over half court, he dribbles the ball off of his foot, out of bounds, our ball, 3 seconds left.

So, off the cuff I change it up, using the same screen play. This time we had our 2 best shooters, both smaller kids, line up at the 4 and 5 positions. This time, the 2 and 3's came down and set picks for the 4 and 5 to run up, instead of across the line as usual. Our 1 was told to throw it to the first open player, and that player should turn and launch it. It worked to perfection, the small boy at the 4, gets a pick under the basket from the 2, runs up and gets a great pass between the 3 pt line and half court.

The boy turns and throws it up with all his might. The ball hits the backboard, spins like a toilet bowl, and it falls out.

The gym goes crazy in cheers and sighs. Yes we lost the game, but the kids were all on edge, all performed to perfection, and were the least nervous of anyone in that building.

I couldn't have asked for anything more. I told this story for weeks, and to this day, parents and school faculty comment on that night. Those are the moments that drive sports. All the hard work, is worth it in that moment. Both as a coach, and as developing players. It is something, no one will ever forget. They are fairly common, but to do this effectively, you must create a variety of features.

Start by keeping a low dribble, or a figure eight pattern five times, then reverse the pattern an additional five times. In today's competitive age, you better be ready to put the ball on the floor.

Even centers and power forwards are becoming more versatile than ever, raising the bar of competition with every year that passes. GREAT information for the novice coach - some great drills and my kids have improved dramatically from the last couple of games. Thanks for the terrific information. I played b-ball from 9 yrs old through varsity but am now 40 and was just nominated as my son's team's head coach.

These drills are perfect for his team, ages I really appreciate it and am now ready for our first practice. Thank you very much!!!! I once coached a High School Varsity Boys team but really struggled on how to "ease" my 9 year old into basketball. Even going as far as telling your congradulating your players on their improvements which is a HUGE part in a childs wanting to continue to work on his game. Thank you for the information.

I am "coaching" my sons team which is year olds so I am not really having to teach them much as they all have played for years and know what they're doing. I was recently asked if I would also coach my daughters team whihc is year olds. I do not know nearly enough that I feel I am warranted to coach but they had no coach so I felt bad. Our first practice is Monday night and I have really been stressing about it and I feel better having found this and feel like I can use alot of this.

Thank you so much! The internet is a wonderful tool sometimes! I believe you and are on the same page. What about teaching them your basic pass and cut? Pass to the wing, fake to the opposite side you passed through then cut ball side.

We are running this with my 3rd grade boys team. The seemed to pick it up pretty well. Throughout my varsity career, we utilized this offense with great success because it opened up the lanes for dribble penetration and cuts that allowed us to utilize our team's quickness.

As a freshmen in high school, I saw Cedar Rapids Prairie win the Iowa state championship using this as their primary offense. Easy To Teach - This offense could very easily be taught in one day! If you want to hold the ball until you get a lay up or the final shot to end the quarter, this offense is ideal for those situations.

Foundation for any motion offense at any level. This offense can be used as a building block to teach your players basket cuts, back cuts, and how to react to dribble penetration. Great For Youth Teams - Great foundation as mentioned in 3 and you can teach more options as the team progresses.

Rules Rule 1 - Pass then basket cut. After the basket cut is made, fill the open spot along the baseline. Rule 2 - If the player in front of you cuts, replace him. Rule 4 - The ball should only be dribbled to improve floor balance or beat the player.

If you're coaching a youth team, I'd also be hesitant towards placing this rule. With youth teams, you want to allow more freedom. These are some things that you will want to teach your players along the way.

Be careful on teaching these points all at once. Otherwise, it can overwhelm them. All cuts are finished at the rim. Passer must watch the cutter all the way though. This helps with timing for the next player filling the vacant spot. When replacing the cutter, wait until the player with the ball is about done looking at the cutter.

This will help with timing and setting up the defender for a back cut or straight cut. Back cut when the defender is near 3-point line. Some coaches like to say on the 3-point line, 1 step from the 3-point line, or 1 foot from the 3-point line. It's up to you to decide what works best for you. Always have the ball in triple threat and be ready to dribble penetrate. This offense can sometimes lull the defense to sleep which gives the ball handler opportunities to attack the basket.

Handsmacking is a drill that is used for the game of basketball. Strengthening your hands is important for all areas of the game. Handsmacking is a drill that allows you to strengthen your hands and fingers. This is a coincidence. I was looking for some new drills and I came across your practice. As I was reading I looked to see if my name was attached to it because this is exactly how I run my 8U practice to the tee.

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Playoffs is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate the end of the long-grinding, game season than reflect on the abundance of feel-good stories.

Here are this 7 Biggest Surprises: For the first time in like forever, something positive is brewing in Philadelphia. At times, younger children will sacrifice form to accommodate for a heavier ball heaved toward an impossibly high net.

Since form and technique are the basis of basketball, scaled-down equipment can help them learn properly. Teach the right way to shoot a basketball at the basket. Children can remember how to properly shoot by remembering the acronym BEEF. This stands for balance, eyes on the target, elbow straight, follow through. This can help children more easily remember what to do at the basket. If necessary, post the word around the gym as a reminder. Introduce drills that seem more like games to keep the attention of the children.

A regular pass and shooting drill may be so boring that children act out. Instead, try playing games like "Red Light, Green Light. When you call "green light," they dribble with their dominant hand.

Games keep children engaged as they hone their skills. Offer praise for good technique. Coaching 8- to year-olds can be frustrating, especially as they can be clumsy and uncoordinated.

Instead of focusing on winning games, encourage good form as they learn to shoot, pass and dribble. As they grow older, they will remember the basics, and become more competent and proficient players. Video of the Day.

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21 Basketball Tips & Tricks for Players – 20 page eBook. Coaching Youth Basketball - What Should You Teach? At the same time, you may be able to progress to Level 2 after two weeks working with a group of 13 year olds who are playing basketball for the first time. 21 Basketball Tips & Tricks for Players – 20 page eBook. 32 Winning Basketball Plays – 96 page eBook. Sample Practice Plan - 7 to 10 Year Olds Sample Practice Plan - 11 to 14 Year Olds Simple Tricks to Optimize Basketball Practice Time and Get More Done. Six and 7-year-olds get the ball and immediately dribble to a corner or toward the basket. Teaching them floor spacing and ball movement will help shape them into good team players over time. References.

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