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Basketball Betting Odds

Basketball betting odds are relatively straightforward in the UK and a number of top online bookies as recommended by BettingTop10 have their own dedicated section to the sport which is generally easy to locate. Each match in the NBA and EuroLeague will be priced up alongside many lesser-known competitions on the site. Whether it is taking place during the regular season or a play-off contest, the odds will remain the same.

Moneyline bets involve predicting which side will triumph but these odds can often be quite cramped. As well as being a great way of checking the live scores and results, online betting sites such as NetBet offer alternative markets such as handicap and points spread and these offer basketball bettors much better value.

NBA matches are extremely high-profile and there are a number of star players throughout the league. With the advent of social media and sports sites, it is easier than ever to find NBA line-ups. This is particularly key for play-off matches where sides are more closely matched.

During the regular NBA season some teams can play three times within a week and many of these may be road games. Betting sites will price all of these up but hectic schedules should definitely be considered. Here at BettingTop10, we recommend going back through their previous results and working out how they fared last time they faced a similar set of fixtures. Basketball betting can be very dependent on current form but even the best teams can suffer from fatigue and inconsistencies when being challenged and traveling frequently.

There are numerous lines and bets on offer for each and every NBA match. Moneyline is simply choosing which sides will win the match however these can be prohibitive and many savvy bettors and systems would advise looking elsewhere. Most basketball betting sites offer totals markets and this is simply working out how the match will pan out. Basketball is a naturally high-scoring sport and matches can vary in points, punters are asked to predict the outcome based on a total which has been set by the online betting site.

These totals are always set with half a point. Points Spread is also an extremely popular way of enjoying basketball betting. This levels the playing field and they usually range between 3 and 10, depending on the match-up. Other bets include props and futures but these are not available on every single match and can depend on the individual online betting site.

Each basketball league has a different format and is played at a different time of year. The NBA season contains 82 matches and many of these games are often spread across a short period. There are plenty of basketball betting opportunities as a result. There are 30 teams in total with just one of these coming from Canada Toronto Raptors and they are spread across the Eastern and Western Conferences. These are then split into three subsects which helps cut down on travelling.

The season typically begins at the end of October but NBA betting markets and basketball betting tips become available earlier in the month. Sides will face every other side during the course of the campaign including four contests against each sides in their conference. The regular season concludes in April with the top eight teams progressing into the end of season play-offs.

It is competed over a best-of-seven format with the winners of each conference section taking part in the NBA Finals which are typically held in June. Other major basketball competitions available for punters include the EuroLeague which caters for top tier clubs and is the second highest professional league after the NBA. It features 16 teams from the top leagues around Europe who all play against one another twice during the course of the competition.

The top teams progress to the play-offs with the winners advancing to the Semi-Final and Final stages. It takes great discipline and patience as you wait for the markets to re-form and the odds to take shape. Watching the game through one of the many streaming services available with UK betting sites is a great way to keep across all of the action and bet accordingly. Some underdog teams playing on the big stage in a non-conference game might have more motivation that the heavy favorite to make a good showing in order to enhance their tournament resume.

Especially in non-conference games is when this comes into play, because it allows the little guy to make a little noise. So keep this in mind when betting on basketball games in November and December. Also make sure you look around for the best games to lay down money on.

With so many games every night the possibilities of which games to bet on seem endless. This can be used to your advantage. In other sports where there is a limited amount of games, the lines can be affected much more by bettors throwing money on one particular team. However with so many games in college basketball every night this does not happen as often. So if you see a college basketball game you would like to bet on and the line looks soft, then bet on it. With so many games on the table, even the odds maker have a hard time setting the correct lines and the more experienced bettors will find these games and jump all over them.

Look at the tempo of both teams as well. If a team plays a very up-tempo game with a lot of run and gun against a team that is not able to keep up because they play more of a half court set and try to move the ball around then something will have to give. Finally, do not be afraid to pass on a college game, there are so many choices that you do not have to bet on all of them.

Only bet the games you are comfortable with and also do not feel that you must bet on the big name teams. The betting action will very heavy on the big name games, such as North Carolina-Duke, but the payout is exactly the same on those high profile games versus if you bet games involving mid-major conference teams. For years the sports handicappers at Maddux Sports have been making money for us and our clients betting the strongest sports picks on the Internet.

Maddux Sports feels that in this industry the best sports handicappers can charge less for their picks than the big name scamdicappers. Maddux Sports makes its money from repeat sports bettors that know the value of their bankroll.

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Teams that are great at home might not be as good away from home, so remember that before you go and bet on one of the top teams in the nation away from their home court Another factor that affects the college game and betting more than the pros is the rebound advantage.

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