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I mean give me ur number atleast. Well said thanks for response. Play Stick Cricket Online: In Australia, that term is unambiguous but I guess elsewhere it might be less well known and differences between types of indoor cricket might exist. Tnx for ossm triks brother…i want ur wtsapp number.. Stick Cricket Game

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I also find this way of playing more realistic as you have more control over your players. Also, whatever you do don't play with highlights set to none, you will lose just about every time.

Tip from Nishant Kumar - If the batsmen is a frontfoot player, bowl at the line he is strong at with full aggression.

If the batsmen is a backfoot player, then I suggest you bowl in the line opposite of his strength. It must also be at full aggression. This works well for me sometimes. But it can go badly wrong sometimes! Anyone got a superb tip in which I can get the opposition all out in 4-Day batting Easily??? Tip from Geoff Willetts - If you've got 2 opposition batsmen in a big partnership, and you can't dismiss them, then choose a weaker bowler e. Fairbrother - who worked really well for me and bowl him with zero aggression outside off stump.

Quick tip from Rob MacGregor vary your bowlers aggression from most to least after about 5 overs and they'll take tonnes of wickets! Harradine - When bowling in One Day matches, it is important to set a field to frustrate the batsman. If he is an onside player, us a wide first slip, a third slip, a square third man, a long on, a mid off, a point, a backward square leg, a square leg, and a midwicket for a fast bowler.

For a strong off-side batsman, use a wide first slip, a third slip, a square third man, a point, a long off, a cover point, a mid on, a backward square leg and a square leg. These apply during fielding restrictions. These are designed to cut off easy runs for the strong points of the batsman i. Should get at least 50 First Class and quite a few one day wickets.

When playing a county match, and you have managed to obtain them through end of season trades, etc. Bat first and occupy the crease for the first two days, thus making a high score is a good one and letting the wicket deteriorate.

Not only does the averages and form of your batsmen improve, it sets the scene for your bowlers to conquer. I've found I only need two other bowlers to support my spinners with this method. Bowl your two openers for five overs each if they're having success, you can extend their stint a little bit more then bring your two leggies on for ten overs each, then back to the openers for five each and so on.

Set the field to setting two, and aggression to full. For both pairs, have the first bowler bowl on middle to batsman 1 and on leg to batsman 2 and vice-versa for the second bowler. If you don't get an early wicket, don't panic, because when a wicket falls, a collapse is triggered by the aggressive bowling. I won 11 County matches in a row by and an innings and XXX runs each match using this method.

In one day games, I find it is possible to win a lot of games, by picking a team consisting of only batters and all rounders. When you bowl, open with full aggression with the all rounders, then later, bowl the batsmen with nil aggression on the off stump. When it is your turn to bat, stick the aggression up to 6, and after a few overs when the batsmen are settled to around 5 or 6 max the aggression.

I have won the Sunday league three times in a row using this method. In County Championship games, start one bowler with maximum aggression, one with a level of 2. Both should aim at the leg stump. Bowl them, without change for three overs, then drop the aggression of one bowler down to two, and raise the other to max. This is almost certain to take a wicket, often one for each bowler. Anonymous Tips - Play as Warwickshire or Lancashire as they have lots of good players who won't be picked by England.

Klusener Made opening and was my top wicket taker , S. Tip from Ben - Pick counties with a high cash base. Fire or just don't re-sign any player who is not a match winner if they're over 26 years.

Only sign young players that are excellent and ignore internationals, pay an English player 65, and keep him for three years not one. In one day games, open the batting with two left handers and set the aggression to 4. You will usually find that they have 50 runs within the first 10 overs at least - Then put their aggression up to 8. By doing this you should get at least in a 40 over game and at least in a 50 over game.

After Fielding Restrictions - Bowl with a offside field and bowl at maximum aggression outside off stump no matter who is bowling. You would be amazed how many people get out caught at slip trying to run the ball to third man. Use spinners a lot as well, especially on slow outfields. They bowl at about an over and take wickets as well. In one day cricket I tend to worry more about slowing down scoring rather than taking wickets and spinners do this well. If you are batting first on a pitch that looks bad, and will deteriorate very quickly, blaze away during the first session.

You will usually bowl the opposition out cheaply as well. Try to imitate the actions of good computer captains. From my experience the game is not biased towards the computer so if the PC wins lots of games with a certain tactic, it's often worth trying.

When bowling in county games, keep changing the line, using the batsman's strength least often. When you finally bowl to their strengths, you often get a wicket from their frustration. In general, bowling leg-spinners outside off stump is useless, as is bowling an offie at leg stump. To have a really successful batting outfit, the key is in the top order.

If they succeed, they not only tire and frustrate the bowler, but also give the other batsmen more confidence. Try to have an opener and the first drop at a form over 70, and the other opener's form over For the county championship, the line-up I found to work best was a solid opener partnered with a free stroke-playing opener, a dominant opener at number 3.

A stalwart batsman is needed at 5 even if a little out of form, if they still tend to do their job. The 4 and 6 positions can be filled by anyone. Just remember that the number 6 is often left with the table and so has to be able to score quick runs. I find that bowling all-rounders are incredibly useful at 8 and 9. When signing youngsters, occasionally an all-rounder appears who has excellent prospects with both the bat and the ball. If he is a leg-spinner, fast-medium or fast bowler, sign him and develop him as a bowler.

They will develop as a wicket taker but will often dig you out of trouble late in the innings a few years down the track. From Leo Draper - At the end of a season, when you have to sign contracts, try and finish with your re-signing of your current players quickly, and only sign the players you want to keep, this way, you have a lot of money for the new players you want to sign.

I do not know if this was a fluke or not, but one season playing as Surrey I had over , left after finishing with my current players. If the money is relevant or not, I don't know, but with this money I was able to buy two overseas players!

If it's just Surrey, or having loads of money left I don't know, but it certainly helped me with my next season. Why would you want 2 overseas players? Should only be able to play one at a time. From Leo Draper - Try and establish a good team that you enjoy playing with, for me, Middlesex were brilliant and really go for your first season with them. This is important because you can gain a good reputation, and be called up for the England job. Being at England is wicked, and it's so much fun choosing the best players, and winning the ashes!

Being at the top of the Wisden rankings ahead of teams like South Africa and Pakistan makes you feel very proud! If you stay with both club and country, the seasons do drag on, but there great fun. From Mark Brecht - Not really a tip but one of the 'new' wicketkeepers available at the start of season 2 will be a superplayer.

He will never get out. It gets quite boring in the end acutally. However, you can never predict which of the WK's it will be. From David Zotov - In closing overs say last 5 set 'bowl over' to 'bowl ball', this will enable you to alter the settings sooner.

If bowling, this is good because it helps reduce the risk of a really big over. In batting, it can be useful because if you have a good start to the over and have the run-rate in hand you can reduce the batters agression and lessen his chances of getting out. Computer picks a different side to you so prior to internationals train the computer 'favourites'. Always check up coming matches prior to international engagements. When playing One dayers you really only need a squad of players, so fill the numbers with players from opposition teams while away.

Same for Test matches, if the best player for the opposition county side doesn't make the first XI select him as the 12th man. Cheats Warehouse has lots of detailed hints and cheats for ICC.

Always set bowlers to full aggression towards new batsmen. Once it appears they have gained focus, then set the aggression to none. If it's a later batsman spots always bowl at them with full aggression, unless there are very few overs left. Bowl half of each bowlers allocated overs. When the fifth bowler comes on, one of the openers should return.

Start conservatively -- your aggression should be based on your target. I like to keep the average of my batsmen's aggression at the required run rate. You just need to select any of the upcoming matches like in IPL from any cricket series or upcoming cricket matches. You just need to create your team by choosing 6 players from any team. Then those players will be chosen as a captain point will X2 , Vice-captain point will be X1. For winning a good amount, you just need to join any contest with your players.

And then you will be provided a strategic game that will be corresponding to your upcoming matches. I will be writing for the IPL Fantasy league: Chosing the initial squad: Target the first four games,with the squad having 4 players for the first game, 3 players for second game,2 players for third game and 2 players for fourth game.

This will mean having atleast 1 player per team. Deciding on how to make substitutions: So it is a good strategy to go slow with the subs at the start as you will not have much of an idea of the form for most players,the behavior of pitches,etc. Download the employee handbook and streamline your workplace. Develop, teach, and inform your new hires about your company culture and workplace.

Here are few things to keep in mind: Make your selection after playing XI for both teams has been disclosed or else you may end up selecting a player who is not playing the match. Do not forget to use your free sub selecting an uncapped player 3. Do select at least one batsman from top 3 of a team. More often than not he shall deliver. And since he comes for batting during initial phase, there is more probability that he has time to settle down and play his natural game.

Problem with selecting a batsman who plays at 4 or down the order is that he might not even get chance to bat or might face less number of deliveries if top order bats sensibly. They not only bat at the top but do fetch you point for fielding there is more probability that a keeper would be involved in catches and run-outs 5.

Prefer batsmen who build their innings to those who are pinch-hitters. An in-form class batsmen Rahane, Gambhir, Raina etc. Prefer bowler to batsmen while making your power player. A batsman in form might falter at times, but in-form bowler would definitely bowl his 4 overs. You earn points for every dot balls. And batsmen tend to play safe with such bowlers thereby increasing number of dot balls bowled.

And if a bowler bowls at death overs, there is i ncreased probability of picking wickets when batsmen try to break free. All rounders who bat at top 5 and chip in overs spell should be in your team.

You might consider making him your power player. Hedge your team by selecting the most popular players. By doing so, even if such players fail, it hardly make difference in your relative ranking as they are in everybody's team. Choose at least one class player who has not been clicking for past matches.

More often than not such players do click. While making your team do keep in mind next 4 matches to follow. Select more players from team who would be playing in any of the next 4 matches. Retain them till their next match. Make at max changes per 2 match on an average.

Do not end up using all your subs during initial phase of fantasy league. Point 8 is in fact the most important strategy But the most important thing is to Trust your instincts My Current Fantasy League Status: First of all you should probably be playing on a site that has match based Fantasy Cricket games everyday, not just one continuous tournament where you are stuck with your players even when the teams they are associated with are eliminated - there's far too much luck associated with that or too many unknowns.

Anshul has some great pointers and I'll just add to them. The wicketkeeper within the top 5 most catches list, and a high batting average will be a great overall choice as he'll score both for batting and wicketkeeping.

Point 1 covers pricing of the player - if a player is in the top 10 or 20 of most categories, he is gold as an all rounder, and should be picked up rather than just the Number 1 batsman - since the number 1 batsman will most likely never bowl and get wicket points. You're looking for players that bat and bowl and get multiple points for multiple actions on the field. Instead of guessing who will start. Regardless, make sure you're watching the pre game show and reading all the pre match news like the one Cricinfo releases for every match, where they list the possible starters with all notes on injuries and who to watch for.

Cricinfo's Match Previews are gold - Australia eye unforeseen clean sweep and should be read before every match. Go back to Point 1 and keep a constant track of consistent performers over pitch conditions and the past matches. Picking consistent guys is better than risking all on a new entry - at least there's some assurity behind having a consistent performer who may not have hit his average last match, but guess what, its his average so he will hit above it or around it next match for sure.

Pick Bowlers that bowl the death overs - many times the most number of wickets fall towards the last overs of the match as the chasing team throws wickets away trying to hit the aggressive target. This is where having the bowlers that close the bowling helps as they usually pick up 2, sometimes 3 wickets in their last few overs. Try to pick at least one or two that close the bowling of the match.

Pick the bowlers that come up further up the middle order to take advantage of getting points in both positions. Knowing the pitch conditions you can somewhat guess if the top order of a team is going fold early and not score runs - one sound strategy is to not pick the openers, since they get out early usually, and pick the middle order batsman like Suresh Raina who almost always arrive to steady the innings.

The openers on many conditions are a guess on whether they'll hit it big but usually get out early like Watson opening , so you're better off picking those that come down the order to give yourself a better chance at getting those batting points as the middle order bats longer and steadies the innings general examples: George Bailey, Ian Bell.

Focus on performances your view when picking a player should be - will this player perform on this match? Try thinking independent of the team the player belongs to and more about the team the player in facing. Will he get to bat or bowl? If you generally ask if player performs, has he been performing in the last few matches above or below his average? You'll certainly hit the right note on selection on a performing player.

Again, Cricinfo's stats and past match scorecards come in very handy to review a player's past few games performances. The tip mentioned are applicable in most fantasies Carefully plan your starting squad: Look at the first few fixtures and plan the squad. If any team is playing a lot within the starting fixtures, put more players from that team. Otherwise, put one player from each team. When substituting for the next match, do so with some though to get the most out of them.

The choice of the players replaced and the replacement is important. Many fantasies have phases, with certain number of substitution available to them. At your descretion, you may choose to substitute more or less for some matches, but dont burn your subs.

Remember, the steady wins the race. You dont have always take the most expensive players, who can be a flop. Take undervalued players in lineup, as they can give points and save your budget.

The guy who gets double points.

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