Colin Montgomerie tips Justin Rose for the Open title

Go as far as using the same type of putter—mallet, blade, whatever—that you used as a kid. Golf Info Guide copyright , Privacy Policy. Flippers are usually slicers. They make the game a lot more fun. Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Share this Page

Morning Drive

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Think of it this way: If you shift everything forward, then your hands shift forward—and stay ahead of the clubhead. Getting your weight forward also stops you from "hanging back" on your right side, where you're forced to flip the clubhead with your wrists just to make contact with the ball. Flippers are usually slicers.

When you're swinging your woods and irons, it's all about creating power from the ground up: You drive with your legs, then your hips, then your arms and finally your hands. That's the ideal downswing chain of events. When you get to your wedges, however, it's the opposite; your upper body does more of the heavy lifting, so to speak, while your lower half stays very quiet.

I've learned this just recently, and it has made all the difference in the world. Now when I want to hit a soft wedge shot, I turn all my focus to my upper body and make sure I rotate it first and fastest on my downswing. I even set up to encourage more upper-body turn, addressing the ball with my chest open and my hips square.

To re-create this arrangement at impact. Do it right and it'll feel like your hands are traveling to the left of the target after impact, rather than straight down the line. Turn your upper body more than your lower for crisp, extra-tight wedge shots. I feel like the most accurate wedge players are the ones who can control trajectory, so it's vital to develop more than one stock short-game swing.

To hit a low shot good for back pins , finish your swing with your hands and the club-head in line with your forearms. This sharply reduces the launch angle. To hit a high shot, line up your hands and forearms in the finish, but release the club up and to the left. Over the years I've tried to be perfect with my putting stroke. That's not the way to make birdies, because there were times when my stroke was perfect and I couldn't buy a putt. You're better off working on improving your green reading than overthinking your stroke.

The way I read greens now is to walk behind the ball in a semicircle. Using my feet, I'll try to feel the point on the green where I go from walking downhill to walking uphill or vice versa. Finding this "inflection point" it's not hard to do with practice and added awareness gives you important clues about how the putt will break: If your ball sits left of the inflection point, it breaks right; if it sits to the right, it breaks left.

And the farther the ball is from the inflection point, the more it will curve. I've tried a lot of putting tips over the years, but the one I keep going back to is "keep your eyes still.

If your eyes move, then so will your body, and this will ruin any chance you might have for centered contact. I challenge myself to watch every inch of my putting stroke—if I keep my eyes still, I won't miss a moment of action.

Even on long strokes I'll use my peripheral vision to track the putterhead back and through. Listen for the ball to drop, don't watch it. Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more.

Thursday, May 22, Once you complete your backswing, shift 90 percent of your weight over to your front foot by impact. Hands lead the club face. Keep your eyes still when you putt and track the putter head from start to finish. Justin Rose swing secrets: Four steps to compress the ball like the world No.

Own the tee box! Try these three moves for more yards. One driver drill to get more easy power. Build a stance that allows you to see the line without any distortion.

I do it by practicing with a stick on the ground. I point the stick at the hole, square my stance to it, then adjust my posture until it looks like the stick is pointing straight at the cup. There are hundreds of ways to hold the club, but the best grips keep your wrists firm throughout the stroke. Focus on your thumbs. Move them around the handle until you feel stability in your wrist joints.

I feel stable when my thumbs are just off-center. Walk around the area behind your ball, and sense with your feet the point at which you go from walking downhill to uphill, or vice versa.

If your ball is right of the inflection point, the putt will break left. And the further you are from the inflection, the more the putt will break. I walk every green before an event. I make notes, so my reads during actual rounds are often from memory. Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more.

Justin Rose swing secrets:

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1. GET IN THE FLOW Putt instinctively and stay in your subconscious—see the line, step in and putt. No overthinking. The moment you let your. Watch Justin Rose golf instruction video tips from the best Tour golfer for drives,bunkers,putts putting,chipping,chips,psychology. Justin Rose: 4 New Rules To Become A Birdie Machine I've tried a lot of putting tips over the years, but the one I keep going back to is "keep your eyes still." Subscribe to GOLF Magazine.

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