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A powerful serve is achieved by being able to transfer weight from the back foot to the front foot correctly. Also, I'm glad you put in the fitness section. With the right footwork, one can get a great amount of accuracy and power behind the shot. Even if you're particularly good at one position, play from all over. Go Premium

Learning the Volleyball Set and Correct Mechanics

Skills for Getting in Position to Volleyball Set

Again, if you don't mind the jitters and all that jazz, it may be worth your time to check out the LipoVida brand. Otherwise, Pure GCE gets my vote. Good product except the product isn't the best. I've tried a few different brands and this isn't the worst but it's not the best.

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Improving volleyball skills and volleyball techniques are key to becoming a great volleyball player. Serving, passing, attacking, digging, setting, and blocking. Volleyball. Articles. Volleyball Hitting Tips. Volleyball Hitting Tips. As any coach knows, volleyball players love to hit. But it's not all just brute force. From anticipating blocks to taping fingers, here are some tips and drills to take your squad's hitting skills to the next level. For those of you who are new to beach volleyball or maybe you’re transitioning from indoor to beach, realize that the techniques for spiking are somewhat different than spiking indoors. So if you are a new player, a transitioning player, or are just looking to refine your game, check out these helpful beach volleyball spike tips.

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