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1. Buy a Composite Stick


The aim of this shot is to hit the puck straight into the corner of your opponents goal. This is a fairly simple shot to pull off after a bit of practice. The puck is in the centre of the table. You pull back the mallet at a 45 degree angle towards your opposite side and swipe across the back of the puck aiming at the corner of the goal.

If you hit the puck on too much of an angle on the side it will hit the sides of the table becoming a poorly executed bank shot. The bank shot is a shot that hits the side of the table before reaching the opponents goal. In arcades you will often see the puck hit both sides of the table before reaching the goal. Do not do this. Always aim to hit the bank once. There are two common types of bank shot, the over or under. The most common is the under back shot.

This is where the puck hits the side wall and goes behind your opponents mallet and into the goal. This happens when your opponent is defending higher up the table.

To pull off the shot you will want to use wrist power rather than arm power. The main reason being that using your arm rather than a snapping wrist can generate too much power resulting in the puck leaving the table.

A common approach is to hold the mallet an inch or two in front of the goal. Although you can block shots with this approach, it gives you very little time to react to mis-timed blocks and you are prone to leaking goals from ricochets of the mallet. A better approach is to hold the puck 6 to 12 inches in front of you, depending on your air hockey table size.

This narrows down the angle when defending straight shots and allows you to react to bank shots by quickly moving the mallet backwards. Another great tip is not hit the puck straight back, remember you have 7 seconds — control the puck and set up your next shot.

The video below is from 10 time world champion Tim Weissman who shares the best defensive stance and other tips. A video on some fantastic trick shots can be found here. Please enjoy the site and leave a comment if you have any questions. We add ice hockey tips on a regular basis. Everyone loves scoring goals, but in order to do that, you need to have the puck on your stick. A lot of younger players have a tough time receiving a pass unless it's perfectly In shooting you need to practice power, accuracy, quick release, changing the angle, and a deceptive release.

You won't always have a clear shot at the net, there's almost always Feature Friday is something I like to do where I bring you some of the coolest hockey content on the internet that I've found. This week, I'm bringing you a video by my friend This week's video is coming at you from the Toronto Maple Leafs practice facility, featuring the Buffalo Regals.

I caught them warming up their hands before their game, and asked We all know our sweet spot on the ice, and where we're the most deadly. We try our hardest to find ourselves there during the game, but it's never quite that easy.

Every hockey player loves to put the biscuit in the basket, but scoring goals gets harder as the players get smarter at every level, and even experienced NHLers go through slumps. I invite you to watch the video below which shows Crosby record his th point. I recommend you watch it a few times, the first time to admire it, and a few times after that to Speed is important in hockey, but too often players see speed as only going straight down the ice.

In hockey you have to be fast in many areas. We need speed in acceleration, In previous articles I've written about the roles of a winger, and the roles of a centerman. In this article I will be going into detail about the roles and responsibilities of A good player wants three things, power, accuracy, and a quick release.

With these three elements you are a triple threat and should be able to beat the goalie quite a bit. In my last article I shared some stickhandling drills used by the pro's. In this post I wanted to share some great skating compilations that I feel will help you get an edge over Everyone wants better hands, and what better place to look for the best drills than the NHL.

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December 18, Hockey tips Coach Jeremy A good player wants three things, power, accuracy, and a quick release. With these three elements you are a triple . Apr 26,  · Looking for tips on how to improve your hockey skills? It takes training and practice, but with the right approach, you can turn yourself into a better field hockey player. Bend your knees and get down low to the ground%(). Expert hockey scout, Kelly Katorji, sits down with Steve Kouleas from SiriusXM’s NHL Game Day to discuss the world of scouting and offers helpful tips to get you to the next level. Visit often to hear Kelly’s latest tips and tricks.

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