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Player cards can be upgraded an insane amount of times, leaving you loads of wiggle room to fix your weak spots and problem areas on your team. Move the control pad on the left corner to select a pitch, once you have selected the pitch successfully then move it again in order to control the pitch location exactly, more MLB Perfect Inning Live tips coming up here. Training skills require some stars to do and these stars stand as your premium purchase using your real cash. Do you have what it takes to win against some of the best players in Major League Baseball? Tip One: Be Pitch Perfect

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Before the ball is thrown, a transparent arm and ball will be visible on the screen. An arm that looks like it is at an awkward angle and goes outside the boxes will most likely be a foul ball.

Keep your eyes focused on the pitcher and you will eventually master predicting the pitches. This skill will be key in winning most of your games so practice it as much as you can. Remember to only swing if the indicators line up perfectly in the center of the box. Hitting that pitch will result in a perfect hit.

The game gives you the option to add friend and play against them. You can manually add any of your friends then invite them to play. If you want to add even more, you can just choose random people in game. Just go into the menu and the game will automatically suggest other players that you can add. You can also add players who you have played against in ranked matches. Play with friends as often as you want. It is a good way to practice while getting additional bonuses as well. There are two options for training players in the game.

The first, and cheaper, option is the normal training. Normal training only requires points. It is recommended that you use this option to level up your players to level 5.

After level 5, however, things can get a bit more complicated and time consuming. The chances of failing training keep getting higher as the level increases so the normal method of training can get tedious after a while. The second option for training is the star training. Stars are required for star training.

Though a the rewards are very small initially, by the 5th day the associated rewards are substantial. This also helps you immensely in the fact that resources are hard to come by without paying for them inside the game, so every little bit counts especially when having to store and trade players.

In fact, if you can go through an entire series without a bid, by the time of completion you should have enough resources in your inventory to have a decent roster for head to head matches as well as subsequent seasons. Those who are strapped for either time or cash may be tempted to try programs that claim to directly inject stars into your account by simply downloading a program or entering your information on a third party site.

This is not a good idea, as typically these programs either fill your phone with malware or use your information to their advantage. Furthermore, most mobile games including MLB Perfect Inning regularly check their own servers for very inconsistent patterns and could ban users who knowingly hack their way into stars.

Best of luck to you on your quest to winning the world series. Last week we shared to you training guides for this game and now we want to cover you with different game element tricks and tips so you can dominate the game in different perspectives. For those who are not currently playing the game and want to have more details about this game, you can check our review as well as you will see the download link there where you can get this game for free.

The first thing you should remember when hitting is to turn off your auto-aim mode because the fact is you are far better than computer this time.

It will only mess your game and make it hard for you to hit the ball. Just go for manual and aim it yourself that will allow you to hit the pitch in different altitude such as high, low or squarely even based with your strategy.

We already mentioned pitching and when it comes to a good pitching strategy you should use the virtual joy pad where you will experience selecting the best pitch settings that works for you. After that you will see a blinking eye icon that will let you move around using your D-pad. This works as your indicator on where the pitch will go. Just be aware that before you throw it, you need to ensure that the flashing circle should be as close to the icon as possible.

This will deal with accuracy. If you are going to throw it soon when the circle is big it will result a worst pitch but if you can make it closer to the icon in a smaller circle, your pitch will be more accurate and there is a possibility for that pitch to get a strike.

Also mind your location as this gives also a factor in pitching. As a pitcher you need to work it out the opposite while avoiding the bad pitches.

Here you should stop the pitch bar in the good or perfect category or you can turn on the strikeout pitch mode to hit the perfect pitch every time. We already mentioned the location, actually it is less important but when it come to a location in the corners of the strike stone this will help you greatly to get out of a jam and drawing a ground ball or fly ball.

The trick here is to diverse your way of pitching to keep opposing batter off target and balance. Always go for manual settings. We already mentioned about a good accuracy comes with manual settings. But not only with that as you can get the higher rewards from doing it by yourself for aiming, tapping the pitch velocity, fielding and base running. With manual set up, you will find playing the game longer than with automatic mode but in the long run this will give you a better reward than playing an speedy match under automated mode.

Anyway why do rush? Manage your team wisely. Yes you can do your best in game but also you should consider managing your team effectively.

Before taking the field for a full season match, you should go to management section and decide which players you wish to grind for XP to level up. Here you can decide the way they can improve their performance over the course of the season. After deciding your top picked players, you can boost their performance by adding training skills.

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MLB Perfect Inning Live Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Perfect Pitching Sports April 23, Tim Yes, you guessed it right – we’ve got yet another baseball-themed game to celebrate the recent kickoff of the MLB season. MLB Perfect Inning – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies. Read on for some tips and tricks for MLB Perfect Inning! For hitting, the general strategy is that you should leave auto-aiming mode off, first of all, because the computer doesn’t automatically do the best aiming. Instead, it wings it, and timing becomes far. MLB 9 Innings 17 Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints You Should Know. But before you do that, check out our MLB 9 Innings 17 tips and tricks to help you get started on the right path. 1. Autoplay With Caution MLB Perfect Inning Live Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategy Guide for Perfect Pitching; Add A .

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