UFC 196: Payout Perspective

Saenz keeps working and gets back to his feet. Korean Zombie Magny vs. Romero gets up at the close of the round. Weidman lands a couple low kicks and Rockhold looks at him as if to say, "Is that all you've got? Brown dos Santos vs. Last Event

McGregor vs. Aldo Betting Odds to Win – UFC 194

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Shamrock 3 Sanchez vs. Neer Fight for the Troops Lauzon vs. Palhares Fight for the Troops 2 Nogueira vs. Benavidez 2 Henderson vs. Brown dos Santos vs. Cerrone 2 Johnson vs.

Brunson 2 Emmett vs. Silva Korean Zombie vs. Kampmann 2 Teixeira vs. Henderson 2 Nogueira vs. Khabilov Te Huna vs. Saint Preux Bisping vs. Saint Preux Edgar vs. Cro Cop 2 Miocic vs. Saint Preux Holloway vs.

Henderson 3 Magny vs. Favourites and underdogs are determined solely by the odds pricing. For American odds format, keep in mind the difference between positive and negative expressions. When the odds are below even-money, a negative number is used. For example, if a fighter is favoured heavily to win, one might see a figure of For the Decimal odds format, simply multiply the stake amount by the decimal odds price to see the full amount that would be returned on a win including the stake amount.

For Fractional odds format, the odds express the potential profit return that could be received over and above the stake amount. Bundesliga Germany - 3. Mixed martial arts odds explained Money Line When one is betting on the Money Line, one is betting on the fighter that you think will win the match. Singles Combinations Round Robin. Bet Slip 0 Selections. Tai-Chi Panda is a video game. A commercial and its web site featured Ronda Rousey.

Rousey also had a new MetroPCS commercial which featured her mother and the horsewomen. A lot of discontent from fans and people tuned out.

People seemed mad that the Ronda fight did not start until past 10pm PT. Corriea had a good gimmick with stating that she wanted to beat all of the Four Horsewomen including Ronda. But, we all know that Rousey is so much better than her other stablemates. Four main event fights, two minutes total. Guys, cut danawhite some slack. Rousey had 6 million google searches over the weekend. YouTube highlights also did well:. AdamMSwift Every Ronda story we pubbed had two extra 0s vs avg.

Rousey has not done as much media as she would have if the fight was in the U. But, it still received a ton of searches over the course of the weekend. It was the number one trending topic overall in the U. Certainly, the casual fan was searching the internet for the 34 second clip of Rousey winning. Corriea was not a strong opponent for Rousey despite the trash talk. The question is whether that even matters. However, it appears that it may well have exceeded this.

Read my post again. I openly admit that Meltzer is making an estimate. Just as the best estimates we can get our hands on, and estimates that likely have the same inherent errors so we can at least use them to compare performance over time. The numbers Meltzer was estimating for the WWE events as being accurate prior to the quarterly releases has been corroborated by a number of sources- pretty much anyone who analyzes this online.

It would pretty surprising for him to lie about things like this. He would be pretty stupid to lie about something like that in a federal court document. Again, why bring up the WWE? And predominately, the UFC. This is not a pro wrasslin site. The WWE is a public company that quite often discloses actual information and numbers.

The UFC is a private company. Please stop putting words in my mouth. I never once in this thread or any other said Meltzer is a liar. Meltzer is a writer. He has a product to sell. And he found a niche ppv estimates that enables to him get more readers, and money. No where there, in what I described, did I say he was lying. I see it all the time on here. If nothing is verifiable, then nothing can really be compared over time either. And yes, I agree with you. At some point, it becomes an exercise in stupidity to have long debated talks back and forth, arguing over whether a PPV event does k, k or k.

It could actually be k a year from now, when everything is added up. He is stating that may do better than which he claims did around K buys. But he did talk a little about the difficulty of estimating PPVs now. It means an estimate of k ppv buys could be anwhere from k to 1,k,. Matt, you should take your own advice, you just accepted the words of an idiot who just lied to you.

He said his numbers before were more accurate ONLY because of those non traditional buys becoming more common like the internet streams, etc. So to be clear- he was pointing out that the numbers he is estimating are LESS than the actual numbers because of this factor. Plus he said the numbers he was getting for were a little over k.

If anything, what he said reiterates my points. The rest of your points I addressed earlier.

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UFC Odds - Live UFC Betting Lines. September 08, - Compare and find the best UFC spreads and lines anywhere on the internet! UFC/MMA odds comparison service. Compare the latest UFC/MMA fight odds and betting lines from the top online sportsbooks. MMA News & results for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Strikeforce & more Mixed Martial Arts fights UFC Aldo vs. McGregor Results, Fight Card and News - MMA Fighting SB Nation.

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