More info on "Meet the Drivers" like age, hometown, wins, etc I know that many users aren't interested in sharing their car setups because of the online racing This and VR support. I have logged well over 9 hours of game play, and have only raced the first race in the career mode. Various Achievements

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For example, don't just have it where you pick sponsors to put on your car, instead you have to perform to get sponsors interested and then sign deals with those sponsors that earn you more money. Aside from those 2 big points, I also agree with the last name at least being on the leaderboard and standings, as well as more paint booth options that you can use as you gain sponsors. They need to focus on fixing other things before all of that.

I'm getting tired of every driver in the field trying to kill me because I bumped them once. I know we will never get it, but I've always wanted a track editor.

This and VR support. For multiplayer, I would love to have the option to mute certain people in the chat, and a safety rating. The rating could be as simple as just keeping an icon by their online ID, or even just ghost them out until they improve.

Might be a long shot, but I think it would be cool to get classic drivers and cars, like have Dale Sr. And Bobby Allison, among others. Similar to how the F1 games do. Made by a different company who actually knows how to make a worthy next gen game. Bring eutechnyx back for god sakes. Better damage model for sure cause cars driving with their hoods where they cant see and somehow passing me is a big problem!!

Better multiplayer options for creating a lobby like being able to select strict or relax yellows since i barely spin they call the yellow and i hit the wall dead stop they turn me invisible and no yellow flag at all!! The timer turned off so we can get a group in there without trying to beat the timer!! Plus the point system you have for like your own personal championship is retarded like i had points won my next race which was 40 points but came out to dont know who made up the math in the game but its off and have something rewarding for finishing 12 races or 6 and beating your friend.

Would be cool to see tires go flat at random points like in real life and damage cars if it explodes!! Or even when bumping a car the tire goes flat cause you cut it!! How about in career or even just selecting the championship mode the cars automatically get the green spoiler and front bumper with the name in green instead of buying the dlc pack at a later date so we know when racing who is in the championship and when they get eliminated they go back to the regular scheme!!

Hopefully you will be able to bump it up to 4k with 60fps with the xbox one and draw distances a little better sucks 10ft in front of you and its still drawing it in!! Also yellows having a replay to see what happened and like everyone else says see other crews working on cars in the pits!! Some of it got in, some of it did not. Hopefully we will see more in Heat 3. ThorSport in Truck, Jr. Being on an actual race team, a player should be able to request help from a teammate when they need a drafting partner or someone to block for them or someone to let them back in on the track.

Also, the player should have the ability to buy that team from the owner again similar to Total Team Control for both points. There has not been a realistic damage model for the cars in a very long time. When a player runs into the back of the other car, it destroys the engine and radiator without there being much, if any, damage to the body of the car.

If a player drives on normal, its impossible to catch the rest of the field, and if on simulation, a player will most likely spin the car out. I have not experienced that. When I am driving out front, trying to get around lapped traffic, the AI running in the back of the field drives all over the track. It is almost impossible, especially on the more narrow tracks, to get around these cars without wrecking them or yourself. It is also near impossible in Heat Evolution to bump and run an AI car without it destroying your own or causing an immediate wreck.

One huge problem that has been in just about every NASCAR game I've ever played is that, when you wreck, it is very hard to get a caution flag to come out. On that note, when you are wrecked in Evolution, the AI cars continue to drive at you at full speed as if no wreck whatsoever has occurred.

There's no effort to avoid a crashing car on the track by the AI. Drafting in Evolution is almost a non factor. The player can get speed from an AI car, but there is no effect of side drafting, and the AI does not draft with each other.

When I run out front at Talladega or Daytona, I stay out front and gain time on the cars behind me with no issue, which isn't much fun. Evolution and probably the last 4 or 5 NASCAR games have had the problem of not being able to move up in the field when near the back of the pack, even when the player has the fastest car on the track. Trying to move up, avoiding a wreck in Evolution is near impossible. AI closes up lanes that they shouldn't even be in and the player cannot move up the track.

Just this afternoon, I had been wrecked from running out in 1st. I went back to 39th after repairs. I tried maneuvering around someone in the back, had plenty of space, and then was hit and smashed into the wall. That happened 3 times in one race before I had to put the game down in pure frustration.

I don't understand how in real life, Jimmie Johnson can start in 40th, and in 20 laps be in the top 10, and then when I play a video game, I have the fastest car, start in 40th, and then am run into the wall because the AI has no respect for me having the fastest car on the track. Above are the major features I am hoping are changed or at least reviewed.

Below, I am listing a few minor tweaks that have appeared in previous games that I am hopeful to see. If you've got the physics options set to simulation, then you go to the track, it's on the screen before you get into your car to practice.

Look on the screen underneath the track logo and you'll see "default setup". Press L1 or R1 and then it'll give you a prompt where you can do the setup yourself. And where is the physics option, not seeing that either. Running carreer mode and a must for me at just about every track is immediately dropping all air pressures 2 lbs or more. The default setup has the tires aired up like basketballs and that minor change adds a ton of stability and grip to a bad handling car Race them the way they race you PSN- crownroyalrcn I will have to try that Ive been bumping up pressures, lowering wedge, playing around with bumps, rebounds and shocks and adding tape Terms of Use Violations: Notes optional; required for "Other": Add user to Ignore List after reporting.

You are not allowed to request a sticky. You are not allowed to update this topic's flair. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? So I just picked up this game and I'm really enjoying the fact that it 'feels' real This is where this post comes in Will lepage71 manage to defend last year's championship from ever-dangerous Speedyman11? How will the rules change from single- to double-file restarts affect tactics and strategies in events?

Will any new drivers to the league take another step forward and challenge victory lane? The Cup Series schedule spans from May 18 to August 18, and as usual, has a strong diversity of courses, including two short tracks, road courses, and super speedways apiece. Also, as anticipated, the league will continue to operate on Fridays at 9: Drivers racing in both leagues should find that to be advantageous for their schedule.

So why wait any longer? Come to the forum and sign up now! Monday, April 23, lepage71 - As we turn the corner towards spring, and given that the first series of the year is now complete, it has become unavoidably clear that the league is heading for yet another outstanding campaign. The NHRL Truck Series, to note, left little in doubt, providing a dazzling show of high-stakes drafting, clever strategies, and on-course drama.

Amidst the action, Speedyman11 drove to an unprecedented third-straight Truck Series championship, piling up 9 wins, a perfect 12 top-5s, and with the aid of three short tracks on the schedule, a record laps led under a race format. In second-place, lepage71 had what in the past might have been a championship-caliber season, scoring two victories of his own and coming up just short in several showdowns with the titleholder.

Rookiesrock, in third, earned a daring two-tire victory over both of them at Las Vegas, making it four years in a row with a Truck Series win. In fourth, BlackKnight tied his best-ever standings performance, contending on numerous occasions but falling to pitting issues.

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The Hot Pass is a must-have for any NASCAR Heat 3 fan. The Hot Pass gives players the entire library of DLC for NASCAR Heat 3. A new DLC pack will. Nascar Heat Evolution Tips, Tricks, Set-ups. likes. Nascar Heat Evolution is an upcoming installment in an all new NASCAR video game franchise. Were. Thursday, August 16, ; lepage71 - The NASCAR Heat Racing league is wasting no time in launching the final series of the season. As a successful Cup Series campaign draws to a close on August 17, the Busch Series will then begin one week later on August 24, remaining on the same night of the week.

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