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In the old days of sports gaming, developers focused primarily on initial sales -- that is, attracting an audience on the day of release. How does online betting on FIFA work? So in retrospect, what seemed unbelievable when it happened in the fleeting moments of the final was almost inevitable. How Does Competitive FIFA Work?

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Instead of firing a shot on goal, he laid off a short pass to a wide-open attacker. A quick tap of the B button later, the ball was in the back of the net. The Apollo crowd, watching the action projected on a screen above the stage where Al-Bacha and Allen sat, roared to life.

The typical sounds of soccer -- the rising wave of anticipatory cheers when a player springs open in front of goal, the desperate gasps and groans when a shot hits the post or the keeper makes a diving save -- had filled the theater all night. Now, the entire crowd was on edge. When you sit and watch football games in Denmark, the crowd is so dead, but that was just insane at the Apollo. The crowd buzzed again as Al-Bacha pressed pause and pushed four attackers to the front of his formation, a last-ditch tactical change to try to rescue the final.

If the teams, leagues, companies and organizations that make up the infrastructure of global sports come to view competitive e-sports as a supplement to their popularity, rather than as a threat, that could unlock a new level of success for their virtual counterparts. FIFA, soccer's international organizing body for which the game is named, has for years understood that there is an overlap between the game of soccer and its video game series, and that many, if not most, of its gamers are also soccer players and fans of professional clubs.

The number of online " FIFA" contests spikes during halftime of major soccer matches -- a stat FIFA has cited in recent years to trumpet the fact that the game's players are also soccer fans. E-sports leagues and teams are watching the development of competitive sports gaming closely, too, said Levine, the Electronic Sports League America CEO.

The rise of sports games like " FIFA" could open doors to an entirely new group of fans and players. You see they're playing a ' League of Legends' match and you don't know anything about the game, but you know you like their ' FIFA' player, so you get into it.

In May, EA announced that it was launching another competitive tournament based around its "Ultimate Fighting Championship" game, with a grand finale to take place in Las Vegas this July.

Details of how much money EA has put into the e-sports market have been scarce since the December announcement, and the company would not comment for this story.

But I don't think they should have that ambition. They should have the ambition to provide full-on entertainment for the fans of their franchises. A plunge into e-sports, Warman said, could have huge benefits for EA.

In the old days of sports gaming, developers focused primarily on initial sales -- that is, attracting an audience on the day of release. Games based on actual sports have a place in the e-sports market, Warman believes. But part of capturing new audiences, he and Levine both suggested, involves something that other e-sports and traditional sports alike have mastered: Sports are full of the types of moments -- diving catches, wonder goals, posterizing dunks -- that can be replayed and Vined over and over again.

Games like " League of Legends ," too, have marketed themselves through replays of thrilling, out-of-nowhere kills and skill moves that can be looped repeatedly. Considering the current state of the eSports industry and its respective eSports betting sites , FIFA 18 suddenly seems rather interesting. As we already stated above, the eSports industry is ever growing and, so far, there was not much place for FIFA. This could all change because lots of teams from top 5 European leagues are forming virtual teams.

This resulted in some leagues announcing their virtual versions Spain and France making up for some interesting clashes in the near future. While this news is still mainly formed as rumors, they could all turn out to be true. If that is really the case, it could mean that we are up for one amazing winter of FIFA eSport events!

Believe it or not, professional sports teams have already acquired a good number of professional eSports athletes to compete under their colors. While football clubs are the most represented in this business practice, other sports clubs such as baskletball Philadelphia 76ers and Baskonia are the perfect examples are up there as well.

Considering the fact this article is closely related to FIFA betting, it's only logical to include just football clubs with eSports presence. So, let's kick things off with the good old PSG! Plus, they were the first French football club to enter the eSports scene. More precisely, PSG announced its expansion to eSports back in More precisely, October 4th.

Manchester City has flourished with the recent influx of money which allowed it to jump to the very top of the Premier League. They've also expanded to eSports after alleged roumors of their biggest rivals, Manchester United, trying to acquire an Overwatch team.

Even though Manchester United doesn't have an eSports franchise just yet, the rivarly could soon switch to gaming battlegrounds too. Schalke 04 is a huge German team with rich history and great display of players playing under its colors back in the days. They've acquired high quality players and the results will come sooner rather than later, that's for sure!

To help you on your path to winning we have some handy tips and tricks to keep in mind:. The FIFA eSports scene is still in its infancy compared to other well-established games, with sanctioned tournaments being limited to two main events.

Here are some of the notable players, with their listed achievements, for the season:. With the rising popularity of FIFA betting comes the worry that our valued players will fall into the trap of choosing to bet on sites that are not reputable and licensed.

Not only is this practice dangerous, as it does not guarantee safe banking and security when it comes to your personal details, but it also means that you do not have access to the benefits that come with playing on top-class sites. That is why our experts have done the hard work in vetting on the best online sites that offer FIFA betting.

While the FIFA betting scene may still be relatively small, its potential cannot be overlooked. Whatever your needs, there is sure to be a site that suits you on our list of recommended sites that offer FIFA betting so be sure to head over for a taste of what our top-class recommendations can offer you today.

Getting started is as easy as choosing a reputable and licensed site that offers FIFA betting, registering an account, making an initial deposit and then heading over to the FIFA boards to place your first wager.

Just like traditional sports betting, there is real money to be made from placing bets on FIFA players. The best online sites, like the ones we recommend, not only offer players the best odds on matches but also give players access to the biggest bonuses and rewards just for signing up and playing.

Players can place a number of different bets including money-line, outright, specials and in-play bets.

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Read more about how to bet on EA-FiFa and the best betting sites. EA Sports is the biggest name in the sports section of video games. With their newest installment of FIFA for this year (FIFA 18), it looks like they are turning to eSports. Please check current EA Fifa soccer odds on the bet website before placing any bets. Read more. EA SPORTS Madden NFL 18 logo; PGA TOUR. The EA Sports PGA Tour logo; NHL® The EA Sports NHL logo. Find a list of the best betting sites for FIFA - where to bet on competition FIFA online and get the best odds, most markets and biggest new customer deals. Best FIFA Betting Sites – Bet On Competitive FIFA. Those tournaments represent the first round of the EA Sports FIFA Ultimate Team Championship Series, and players can also.

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