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The offence applies to all visitors as well as to residents of Hong Kong. In addition, every applicant needs the endorsement of two of the only voting members and the support of three other members. To state a few of the options for bets: It seems likely that in the future our current laws will be relaxed, and our betting market opened up to foreign companies. History of Sports Betting in Hong Kong

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The organisation is the largest taxpayer in Hong Kong, as well as the largest community benefactor. The Club also proactively identifies, funds and develops projects which anticipate and address social issues and pressing needs in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Jockey Club also provides dining, social, sport and recreation facilities to its approximately 23, members.

Founded in as an amateur body to promote horse racing , it was an exclusive club whose membership was drawn from the upper class with strict rules of membership, with women and people of unsuitable background being banned.

This led to the fact that the club had no Chinese members till the 20th century. The Club evolved into a professional institution from The Club organised the annual races which took place around Chinese New Year , and was initially financed by commissions on bets which were placed through private clubs.

In July , the decision was made to stage equestrian competitions of the Summer Olympics in Hong Kong. The Club's racing centre at Sha Tin was used as the foundation for the Olympic and Paralympic venues, with additional competition and training venues being incorporated into existing sports facilities at the Hong Kong Sports Institute , the Jockey Club Beas River Country Club and the adjacent golf course.

Following the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong , the popularity of horse racing declined substantially, possibly due to economic conditions in the region. On 9 September , Sha Tin Racecourse opened after its summer break with record 1-day crowd of about 60, Children of horse owners were admitted amid protest of local anti-gambling groups.

Sunny Power , booted by Howard Cheng got the trophy in the 1,metre dash. The reform and other changes mentioned above, the HKJC revenue has steadily increased back to previous levels and above. The HKJC has a legal monopoly over betting on horse racing and football.

In , it opened 6 off-course branches where the members of the public could wager on horse race meets at the club's Happy Valley racecourse. There are now in excess of betting branches throughout the territory which accepts bets on racing and football, as well as buy Mark Six lottery tickets. Hong Kong Jockey Club. Retrieved 24 May South China Morning Post. Asia Pacific News, Retrieved from http: Retrieved from " https: Gambling in Hong Kong Gambling in China.

Views Read Edit View history. If it stays under, you lose your stake. These odds are more of a long shot and represent a futures bet where Mexico is picked to come out of their group stage and advance by winning the group. These odds are very simple, and only show how much you will win for each unit wagered. HK Odds may be the simplest of all formats to understand. If the odds are a decimal lower than 1, the team is a favorite, and you will win back less than 1 unit for each unit wagered.

And for any odds above 1, you will get paid more than one unit for every one wagered if your selection happens to win. This will pretty much do all the math and work for you, and will give you an easy way to express odds in different formats.

This makes it a bit easier to figure the math out on the fly.

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We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. HKJC Football - 香港賽馬會. Betting Online in Hong Kong. Although they started out as a racing bookmaker, they have since expanded their range of market to include football and basketball betting, as well as the enormously popular Mark Six lottery [1].

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