Guide to Legally Betting on Politics In 2020 For The Presidential Race

Other states are added closer to the actual election. Pew Research Center does not take policy positions. Based on this steady growth in legal politics betting, we decided to include this gambling platform as one of the topics covered in our guide. The beautiful irony here is that it's actually politicians who seek to make gambling illegal across the nation, yet one of the most lucrative lines of betting is to wager on their elections and futures. Table of Contents

Donald Trump Wins 2016 Election

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Donald Trump has met with top EU officials to discuss trade and both parties have agreed on a future plan. The Tradefair team brings you the latest from US p OK, I get it. Read more Join today View market. Trump accuses Google of being 'rigged' President Trump says Google has chosen to ignore his two State of the Union addresses.

View market Tradefair 30 August Leave a comment. The next big political outsider - Avenatti for President Donald Trump's victory proved non-politicians can win the presidency and Paul Krishnamurty says its highly plausible he could be taken down in by the ch View market Paul Krishnamurty 28 August Leave a comment.

Cohen guilty plea adds further pressure for Trump A guilty plea by the President's former Lawyer Michael Cohen could land Donald Trump in increasingly hot water in the weeks to come. View market Tradefair 23 August Leave a comment. Corruption will finish Trump but don't bet on impeachment Betfair's array of Donald Trump markets are spiking again after two of his close advisors were convicted of multiple crimes. View market Paul Krishnamurty 22 August Leave a comment.

Press takes fight to President Trump A number of leading US publications have published articles about the importance of a free press, as President Trump calls them enemies. View market Tradefair 16 August Leave a comment. View market Paul Krishnamurty 06 August Leave a comment. Is Trump getting worried about Mueller probe? View market Tradefair 02 August Leave a comment. Escalating legal drama can only spell bad news for Trump As the Mueller investigation escalates, with the first significant trial starting tomorrow, Paul Krishnamurty predicts the result will be the premature retir View market Paul Krishnamurty 30 July Leave a comment.

It may not be the hottest lines in Vegas, but reputable and high quality US friendly sportsbooks often include these types of lines in their offerings. The key is accessing the legally licensed and regulated destinations that allow you to enjoy political betting within the confines of the law. Betting on politics is a segment of sports betting, therefor there are three laws that impact your options and decisions regarding your involvement. All three of these play some role in where and how you are able to engage in gambling in the US.

Those states are Delaware, Montana, Nevada and Oregon. The Federal Wire Act directly prohibits online sports betting through US based businesses, and PASPA prohibits land based sports betting in general outside of the four approved destinations.

This does not mean US residents have no opportunity to bet on sports though. These two laws do not prohibit American bettors from visiting and participating at online sportsbooks that hold legal licensing and certifications, are subject to regulatory oversight, and are located outside of the United States.

As long as a sportsbook is licensed and regulated by a jurisdiction that has legalized online sports betting, then they are able to legitimately offer their services to anyone they want, including the United States. So while USA based sports betting is very limited and not easily accessible by most people, the legal offshore betting sites fill that void very nicely and legally. You can view our gambling laws section for more information about each of these laws.

We offer a list of recommendations for US players seeking legal online sportsbooks that offer betting lines on politics. Our team of professional analysts has carefully reviewed each of these sites, and has verified that they hold the credentials necessary to operate legitimately within the industry as licensed and regulated destinations that are overseen by a respected governing jurisdiction and gaming commission.

These sites also feature competitive betting lines, odds and paylines, and a safe, secure wagering environment. Their banking suites support US players through their range of deposit methods and the speed of their payouts, and their customer support is knowledgeable and responsive. We require that a site offer a nice range of betting lines and wagering options to be included here, and that they operate with the highest level of integrity.

At the end of the day, you can rest assured that the political sportsbooks we list below are the most reputable in the industry. I just wanted to say congratulations to all the Trump backers. Many pundits have been laughing about his chances of winning ever since he announced he was running as a candidate. But he has been beating the odds since day one, so I can't say I'm surprised. So congratulations to all that bet on Trump to win. The next US Presidential election will take place on November The controversial and drama packed primary season has effectively redefined political standards in the US, pushing the limits of what the American people are willing to tolerate and withstand in a potential United States president.

The nominees for each party are now in place with their chosen running mates, and the head to head battle between republicans, democrats and libertarians has commenced. With all three candidates recently announcing their running mates, the odds will shift again based on how the public receives each Veep choice. With the dynamics taking a shift as the race restructures, it will be interesting indeed to see how betting lines and odds shape up to accommodate the upcoming debates and final vote.

You will notice that the odds are strongly against the independent, 3rd party candidate Gary Johnson at this time. Never before has there been a presidential race that is more polarizing than this one, and Gary Johnson may just provide the unifying relief that many are hoping for.

Betting odds taken from Betonline Sportsbook and are updated automatically so they are always current. As you might imagine, the big bet here boils down to the big office.

Who will win the Presidency is always the biggest betting line. And you can often find more than just a winner-loser dichotomy; you can actually bet on electoral vs. Though you can also find betting lines on entire parties.

For instance, the recent midterm elections had Republicans favored to take both houses of Congress, which they did. The next midterms may be reversed. Governorships and even council members are always hot-button items on the betting circuit. You can find a range of different political lines on which to bet. You can also find prop bets, which will include things like the gender of the winner, the party of the winner, a clean win vs.

If it's part of politics, then there's undoubtedly a sportsbook out there with a betting line on it. Though the selection of betting options surrounding the Presidential race will change as the election nears, we thought we would provide some information concerning the types of bets that are most commonly available to you. You are not limited to solely predicting the overall winner as there are betting lines and odds for a variety of aspects pertaining to the election's progress leading up to the final results, as well as specific prop bets concerning details of the circumstances of the race, such as gender and party results.

Keep in mind that these options are the most common ones offered, but that political betting lines and odds vary from site to site. Odds for winning the Presidential Primary — this type of betting line will allow you to bet on who will win the nominations in the primary for each party. If you are participating early in the process and are placing a futures bet, your range of options may include individuals who have not yet announced their candidacy but that are active in the political landscape and are considered potential candidates.

The closer you get to the actual election, the more accurate your list of options may be. However, keep in mind that the futures bets can pay off big if you guess correctly. Odds for Winning the US Presidential Election — Obviously, this type of betting line will concern the overall winner of the election.

You will typically have a variety of associated lines, including the following:. Odds for who will win the Presidential Election Odds for which party will win the Presidential Election Odds for which gender the winner of the Presidential Election will be Odds for the gender balance on the Presidential Tickets — this line is sometimes broken down by party affiliation, but not always.

Hillary selected Tim Kaine as her vice president nominee. Odds For Winning a Specific State — This type of betting line predicts the winner of influential swing states. For example, the Iowa Caucus odds start surfacing very early in the race.

Other states are added closer to the actual election. Winning the electoral votes in an influential state can make or break the election, hence these betting lines are particularly exciting and can determine the outcome of the election. The results of swing state Electoral College votes can be unpredictable, as we saw in when Obama took Florida despite the fact that Romney was the favored candidate to win the Sunshine State.

Odds For Winning the Popular Vote — Once the candidates have been selected, you will find more betting types added to the line up, such as betting on who will win the popular vote. Though it has no bearing on the overall election, political aficionados enjoy betting on who will win the popular vote. There are times when the winner of the popular vote is not elected as President.

The popular vote can be unpredictable, making it a very exciting wagering option. This type of option typically does not appear in the lines until about a month or two out from the actual election. Electoral College Count - You will find that your range of wagering options for these lines increases after the candidates are selected and the election is approaching. In this type of political betting line you are predicting whether a candidate will receive more or less Electoral College votes than predicted.

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US politics betting for all American markets. Get Election odds, including Democrat and Republican candidates, plus midterm specials and much more. rows · Applies to 1+ bets totaling £25+ at odds of EVS or more settled before . The Tradefair team brings you the latest from US politics View market. For all you need to know about politics betting odds and election betting odds, including US Presidential Election.

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