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If you bet on Team A, that means they can lose by 22 points or less, or win the game, and you still win your bet. You might've seen this one before. Please help improve it to make it understandable to non-experts , without removing the technical details. These fellows, knowing the extravagant gullibility of the age, set their wits to work in the imagination of improbable possibilities - of odd accidents, as they term them; but to a reflecting intellect like mine," I added, in parenthesis, putting my forefinger unconsciously to the side of my nose, "to a contemplative understanding such as I myself possess, it seems evident at once that the marvelous increase of late in these ' odd accidents' is by far the oddest accident of all. Example sentences containing 'odds'

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In statistics, the probability that an event may appear or occur. This probability is estimated from known rates of occurrence of the event in a specific setting, e. In practice most patients do not live on islands, and many have diseases whose presentation varies from the norm.

The use of odds in health care always implies some degree of probability rather than of proof. The odds are quoted as for or against. References in periodicals archive? Because of the high comorbidity of ADHD and ODD conditions, it is difficult to disentangle their individual effects on children's bullying involvement," Dr.

He understands the odds relating to his own team's chances better than anyone and raised his eyebrows in mock surprise and said: Parlay will be able to offer their customers a broad range of Orbis' non-download Flash games including casino classics, popular fixed odds concepts and unique propositions such as Lucky Star. Any odds compiler at any bookmaker could price up this fixture without giving it a moment's thought.

Rare difference or amount of difference. Example sentences containing 'odds' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Don't count on them breaking , even if faced with impossible odds.

The problem with the odds was that Pitt was too stubborn to even consider them. Translate your text for free. Nearby words of 'odds'. Related Terms of 'odds'. Definition of odds from the Collins English Dictionary. Responses are made in answer to a question or a statement by another person in the course of conversation. Like exclamations, they may be full sentences, but can also be phrases or single words.

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Live odds are odds which update in the build-up to an event and also while the event plays out. Players who are losing on one bet can take another. Odds definition, the probability that something is so, will occur, or is more likely to occur than something else: The odds are that it will rain today. See more. Odds definition: You refer to how likely something is to happen as the odds that it will happen. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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