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Whether it is East, West, Central or International, this decision will have no impact on your player and how he performs. There's basically no difference in timing between being very late and early. When trying to catch a ball, you can press R2 to dive or R1 to jump. But look for pitches up in the zone, be patient you WILL get one at least. Don't have an account? The tips and tricks thread

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Home run hitters will pour the points into the power department. Use your points wisely and try not to worry about not spreading them out enough. The next step after creating your player is taking part in Bowman scout day to determine your draft stock. At Bowman scout day, you will take part in fielding and hitting drills. How you perform in these drills will determine your scouting report, which you will see at the end.

It is here where you will be introduced to the brand new Showtime feature. When fielding the ball, entering Showtime mode will slow down time, allowing for a better reaction to the situation at hand. When batting, you are allowed to use the Showtime feature one time and not on every pitch, or else this would be too easy.

Depending on how you do at Bowman scout day, you will then be given a draft projection. You will be able to play two more games against other draft hopefuls from around the world that will either help or hurt your draft stock depending on how you perform. You will then be drafted, and just like that, you are playing baseball for the minor league affiliate of a Major League squad.

Time to progress through the ranks and prove that you belong in The Show. Your player will start off with an overall of about 65 or less. While you are sure to play like a 65 overall minor leaguer, there are some things you can do in the settings to increase your chances of performing well. The better you play in your games, the more points you will receive to increase your stats.

My first suggestion for helping you perform better is a simple new feature that is making its debut in MLB The Show Perks are available when you enter the training and perks menu from the Road to the Show home screen. In order to use perks, you must be a certain overall in a certain attribute.

So the perk that allows you to slow down pitches may require a 75 overall plate vision attribute in order to use it. While you may not be able to use some of the better perks right away, there are still perks you can use relatively early on that will help you on your journey to the majors. Long story short, use the perks.

The next suggestion relates to when you are batting. You will most likely use the camera angle that puts you in the catchers POV. You will notice your strike zone, at least for the first pitch, and then it may disappear, but you can modify that so it stays throughout the at-bat. Here is the hint, turn on and use the reticle. By reticle, I mean a little oval shaped outline that will act as your hit box.

Putting the ball right in the middle of this reticle will result in better contact and better chances at getting a hit. It may take some getting used to, but it makes hitting much easier. There are plenty of other options that will change the way you hit, such as the timing preference, but this is the easiest feature to adjust to. Would love some tips on what I may be doing wrong or if others have noticed this. Forever a member of Red Sox Nation! I use these tips and the same stuff happens.

I will sit on a fast ball outside and time it perfectly and aim for right field not high just right field Thing is, if you want to hit opposite field you can't swing on time, you have to swing late. With an outside pitch, an early or perfectly timed swing will try to pull the ball or hit to center, leading to the grounders and flies since the ball is outside.

Try swinging a little bit late and you should slap it to right field. Use the slide step or pitch out if you think that a runner will try to steal! To slide step, start your pitch.

When aiming it, hold down L2 and throw the pitch. It will be a pitch out. If you see the runner attempting to steal, press the button associated with the base that they are headed to triangle for second, circle for third before your catcher receives the ball.

If done right, it will be incredibly rare to see your opponent get away with stealing. Official Darui of NS: So it's that sensitive then? I will have to hop into some BP assuming they still have this mode. Great tips, but it depends on if the if the game has been determined already.

In RTTS you can take all your tips that are useful in baseball and throw them out. Basically the forced slumps at the plate kill the mode. You can also tell the games you wont win by how your fielder reacts to balls hit his way. Anyone who has played a sports game on a high diff level in the last ten years can tell you almost half the games feel predetermined. For every good gsme you have at the plate, you will have bad ones.

Obviously a avg is amazing. But when you are inexplicably cold in this game for an entire half season and everything you hit the fielders dont move My "slump buster" is bunting, my dude has decent speed, so I use that. But look for pitches up in the zone, be patient you WILL get one at least.

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