NFL Key Numbers for Betting Totals

As hard as it is, it IS possible to make money from football betting. It turns out quite a bit. The total number of points scored and allowed was 41, which was two points higher than the line. Point Spread Bets

Our Golden Rules for Betting Football Totals

Understanding Key Numbers

For all other numbers most sports only charge standard 10 percent juice to buy a half a point. When following line movements, being aware of the key numbers can give you an idea of what oddsmakers are trying to do. When lines fall on a 3 or a 7, sportsbooks shy away from moving the line, rather they will adjust the juice. If indeed they do move a line off of 3 or 7, it gives an indication of significant action or developments that warrant such a move.

When playing teasers bettors need to be aware of critical numbers and how many of them their teaser crosses. The popular Wong Teaser is a two-game teaser in which a bettor teases a favorite from 7. In those types of teasers bettors are teasing a game across the two most important numbers, 3 and 7. Books hate losing money, and middling is a sure way for them to do that. There are a couple of things to learn from that.

First, if you get a chance to bet a middle on three do it. To compensate for their unwillingness to move the line the sportsbooks will adjust the juice — charging or in stead of to bet on the favorites. An understanding of key numbers can also fuel your decision making when it comes to the timing of your sports bet. For example, if a game is at Those teasers were popularized a few years ago, and when you bet teasers with two or more games that fit the criteria it was found to be long term profitable.

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The information contained at this site is for entertainment purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of any state, federal, or local laws is prohibited. Key numbers are simply the most common margins of victory. For example, a final score of would have a margin of victory of 3 points.

We included all games since in our research. In the tables that follow we look at how we can use these numbers as a guideline for buying points on NFL games. This information on football key numbers is surely interesting, but if you want to use it for NFL handicapping then you are going to have to expand on it a little bit.

You need to know how often favorites win by those margins and when they did, how often the spread within a half point of the key numbers. Or, you can use this knowledge to cross the most key numbers. Our NFL teaser guide gives you the best odds to take advantage of with these bets.

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Magic Number of 41 Given the direction football is going with the advanced passing attacks, you might think 41 is a bit low for the top result. It turns out the ability to predict if a game will reach 42 points is a key to picking the correct side of a total. Understanding key numbers when betting NFL over/unders is an important strategy that most recreational bettors ignore. Similar to margins of victory, the total points scored by NFL teams per game have changed since the league moved PAT attempts to the yard line following the season. NFL Key Numbers for Betting Totals. Key Total, Key Totals, NFL, NFL Key Numbers, NFL Key Totals, Over/Unders, Totals Post navigation. BAD BEAT! Worst Beats of the Week in NFL and College Football NFL Week 5 Market Moves and Week 6 Vegas Look Ahead Lines. .

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